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Turmbau Steffens & Nölle is one of the leading specialists in the construction of self-supporting steel towers, guyed masts and special construction works. For more than 100 years we have been contributing our know-how to enable people all over the world to communicate with one another – by installing transmission equipment that makes broadcasting, television and telecommunications possible and by building towers that open new horizons and become true landmarks. Structures that outlast the passage of time, like the Berlin radio tower. Find out more about us.

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High aims for your career.
No problem with us.

Erecting towers and masts is a demanding activity. Each project represents a new challenge that only a team can master. Those who work for us and with us will be put to the test. And will be supported. Because we value the further development of every one of our employees. Both professionally and personally.

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Transmitter Mast

245 m


    We are operating internationally and have completed projects in all corners of the planet. For instance in Egypt, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Cuba, Austria und Sweden. Despite varying on-site conditions such as weather and infrastructure, all projects still have something in common: all of them are nourished from our passion for what we do. And we always do our best to obtain the optimum transmission performance out of the antenna and transmitter technology.


    Steel lattice tower
    150 m

    On a tower construction project in Egypt, we took over the implementation planning as well as the supply of the materials. The assembly was carried out under the supervision of TSN. In preparation for this task, we trained the Egyptian fitters in Berlin.

    For us and our partners, exciting and interesting projects in other cultures are time and again a challenge. Notably because of the need to adapt oneself to the cultural and climatic conditions typical of the country. In Egypt, the high temperatures force the fitters to take frequent breaks, and thus impact the entire process. In spite of these conditions, the whole team performed outstandingly during the erection of the tower.


    Steel lattice tower
    170 m

    In Leipzig 300 tons of steel have been assembled into a 170 m high steel lattice tower. As usual the deadlines were very tight. The tower had to be designed, manufactured and erected within 10 months. Thanks to the reliability and willingness to work of the whole TSN project team and our partners, we were able to actually achieve this goal.

    The city of Leipzig now has a new landmark – from our point of view a very beautiful one too.


    Steel lattice mast
    245 m

    In Rostock, TSN was, among other things, commissioned as main contractor to erect a steel lattice mast, including a transmitter building with a useful area of roughly 300 square meters. The technical equipment for the building, comprising the electrical installation, air conditioning system and stationary emergency power supply, also had to be supplied. From the design calculations and creation of the production drawings, through the fabrication and supply of all building components, all the way to the assembly and commissioning, everything fell upon us on this demanding project.


    Mt. Leinster – Maghera – Mullaghanish, IRELAND
    Steel lattice masts
    120 m, 160 m und 220 m

    Each turn-key project on the "green island" included the implementation planning, pouring the foundations, as well as the supply and assembly of the masts. In addition, the projects encompassed the supply, assembly and commissioning of up to 4 broadcasting antenna systems, the transfer to the new masts of countless other third-party operator antennas, as well as the subsequent dismantling of the old transmitter masts.

    We had to tackle challenges during the course of the project. To begin with, the new masts were located in the immediate vicinity of the old ones. The transmission had to continue uninterrupted. Furthermore, the soil conditions proved to be most difficult. Every once in a while they imposed the use of unconventional foundation solutions. Moreover, the unstable Irish weather came in the way of a few deadlines. Another obstacle was the fact that the work sites only offered limited space and were situated on isolated hills in the middle of nature reserves. Good logistics were called for in this case, and in the end these contributed to the success of the project.


    Selkirk, Mendip, Sudbury, Rosneath, Moel-y-Parc, Beacon Hill, Relay Sites, UNITED KINGDOM
    700 MHz Clearance-Projekt
    Replacement of DTTV Antennas

    As part of the „700MHz Clearance Project” frequencies that were used by digital terrestrial television DTTV will be cleared for other future uses. To enable that it is necessary to re-engineer or replace a large number of antenna broadcast systems on many different transmitter sites all over the United Kingdom. TSN is one of the principal contractors since 2016, responsible for the design, the supply of steelwork and antennas, and the installation and commissioning of these antenna systems.

    Some of the antennas are at 250m height such as the one on the Mendip mast, where the new antenna with 14m height and more than 3m diameter consists of 140 double panels in total. Other antennas were completely swapped out using large mobile cranes like at Sudbury or helicopters like at Rosneath.

    The 700MHz Clearance Project will run into the year 2020.