'; Inspection and Maintenance


To ensure the trouble-free functioning over the years of a telecommunications mast we erected, or that an observation tower may be safely accessed by visitors at any time, such structures demand regular maintainance.

We gladly take care of these tasks for you. Our experienced engineers and fitters carry out comprehensive inspections and maintenance, and perform the necessary repairs, alterations and refurbishments for you.


Structure inspections

Included here are for example the expert assessment of all structural elements with impact on location, work and operational safety. Furthermore, we inspect the guy wires of masts using our own winch technique, and document the results of the inspection in a log.

Maintenance and repairs

While we inspect the structure, we can perform the required maintenance and repairs of the structural components, e.g. the refurbishment / renewal of the anti-corrosion coating, or the cleaning of the foundation surface.

Restoration work

These services comprise reinforcement of the structure, the replacement of damaged structural elements, restoration of the foundation, corrosion prevention work and concrete restoration.


Inspection and maintenance of mast guy wires

  • Measurement of the cable pre-tension
  • Rigging of man-riding baskets
  • Survey of the guy wires and their couplings
  • Touch up or renewal of the anti-corrosion coating
  • Documentation of the condition and of the inspection services performed